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Colours are nature gone wild. ~ Raheel Farooq

Working across the spectrum, my series explores the endless possibilities of color. Influenced by teachers and mentors I admire and respect, my paintings have been more intuitive than about a process. When the painting needs what it needs, I pull it out of the archives of my brain from something I have seen. Its not the same as going to a file cabinet, but it is filed in my brain, accessed by concentrating, remembering.


If there is any type of a process it is the process of surprise. I want each painting to be a surprise. The application of paint and mediums, offering a small glimpse of the rich variety of the color spectrum. I challenge myself. Can I do better? Push harder? Can I pull it off? Can I offer another glimpse?

For the full spectrum experience click on each theme title, and open a surprising array of color. 

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