Moritz Kellerman       Artist & Educator

     My paintings are a history of complex layers.  That complexity achieved through the glazing process. Every application deepening the hues of the painting’s surface. Each painting, multiple semi-transparent layers of color is the sum of its own individual and particular history.            


     Do you see only the surface colors or are you able to see deeper into the layers?  Can you see the individual layers that my paintings reveal? Layers created slowly over time by the use of the glazing process. This process, I have adopted, is my direct connection to my heroes of the past, the Renaissance Old Masters and the use of oil paint on wood panels and linen-canvases. As a graduate student of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I was further inspired by the work to two great 20th century artist, Willem de Kooning and Richard Diebenkorn. 

     As an artist and educator exploring the layering of colors in my paintings, I continue to strive to equip my students to delve deeper into their own explorations of color and of creating.


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