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View this video for a sampling of Moritz Kellerman's artwork
at a recent exhibition. 

Artist & Educator

Artist Statement    

My paintings are a history of complex layers. Do viewers see only the surface colors or are they able to see deeper into the layers?  Will they see the individual layers that lead to the seen surface?   This complexity of layers is created slowly over time by the use of the glazing process.  This process, I have adopted, is my direct connection to my heroes of the past, the Renaissance Old Masters. I never begin a work with an end in mind. I allow for the creation process to reveal its own story. Every application of paint and medium, each painting's multiple semi-transparent layers of color, work together to form the painting's own individual and particular history. As an artist I enjoy the challenge of manipulating the spectrum of colors to create beauty. As an educator, I continue to strive to equip my students to delve into their own explorations of color and creating.



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